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Side Quests

This page is dedicated to my side projects outside of product design. I am a lover of all types of design - in here you'll find a gallery of graphic and visual design, costume design, and more fun stuff!

Fear Not Ourselves Alone

Fear Not Ourselves Alone is "the last punk band from Queens, New York." They brought me aboard in 2020 to design a few t-shirts inspired by their music.

Fear Not Ourseves Alone

Bubble Tea Mania

Bubble Tea Mania is a specialty beverage shop in Elgin, Illinois. In collaboration with the shop owners, I designed the brand identity in 2018.

Bubble Tea Mania

Magic Wheelchair

Magic Wheelchair is a nonprofit that builds costumes for kids in wheelchairs. In 2017, I joined a team of volunteers to build a Halloween costume for Iker, a 13 year old with muscular dystrophy. He wanted to be Yoshi on a golden Mario Kart:

View the full story on ABC7 Chicago:

DePaul students create Halloween costume for Elgin boy in wheelchair (building process)

Elgin boy's Mario Kart costume custom-made by DePaul students (costume reveal)

Images and video courtesy of Marissa Nelson and Meredith Melland, 14 East. 

Magic Wheelchair
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